Separate existing account/workspace to a new account with subscription

I have a workspace attached to an existing user account but I want to move to a subscription. How do I separate my account completely and transfer to a subscription, also moving over my current time tracking. I would want my same email address to log in.

Person A

Person A invited me to the free account. We have separate workspaces but I log in to my account with my email.

I want to create my own account (so not linked to Person A’s “account”) using the existing email I use to log in with, and then upgrade that “new” account to a subscription. I then want to import from the “old” workspace.

Therefore, I would not have my workspace as a subsidiary of Person A’s account.

Hi there. I recommend you export the time entries from your current workspace for the longest time range, then create a new workspace, upgrade it and import the time entries from the previous workspace.

Workspaces are independent from each other, meaning the team member from the first workspace will not have the access to the newly created one if you don’t invite them.

In case you need any further clarification or instruction, please feel free to contact us at We will be glad to help.