See what project/task auto tracker items were added to

Once I’ve added logged time from the Auto tracker window, it shows a green check mark, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to see where it was added to. Would be great to be able to check this after adding time to projects and tasks.

Hi there,

Kindly note after converting activities from the auto tracker to time entries you should be able to see newly created time entries on the time tracker page or in the reports on the web app or on the

tracker page on the Windows app(see attached).

Hope this helps.


Thanks but this doesn’t really solve the issue I have because once I “merge add” multiple items in the Auto tracker list, these items get flattened in the tracker/reports page. I can still see the individual items in the Auto tracker list with a green check next to it but there is no way to tell where they were placed specifically. Would be nice to tell where they were added directly from auto tracker and also edit them if needed.

Thank you for the feedback,

I will forward your feedback to our Product team so they can consider this feature improvement for future development.