Save Custom Time Filters

So, an interesting feature, esp for those of us in countries that don’t use Jan-Dec as a financial year, would be an ability to yes, still have the this year time-filter option… but to be able to define custom time-filters (e.g. Name = This Financial Year; Range: 1 July - 30 June)… obviously, similar to existing time-filters, you’d want the ability to be able to “navigate” forward/backward by that defined range via the <> links, like you can with existing time filters.

Hi, Benjamin! Welcome to Clockify forum and thanks for sharing your suggestion!

There are currently no plans to add such a feature, but you can save a report with any time range you want using our share option.

When you open the URL with a shared report you will always see the data for that same period of time and if you don’t lock dates on that report, you will be able to use <> to go through your financial years.

If you need any help to set this up, let me know!