Running tally of Billable time in Time Tracker view

I’m a very new user. One feature that would be very useful for me is to see a running total of billable time along with overall time in the Time Tracker tab. I want to be able to track both billable and non-billable hours, but it’s important for me to stay aware throughout the day of how many billable hours I’ve accumulated.

I did discover that this information can be found by going into Dashboards or Reports and hovering over the bar graphs, but it would be great to have it at my fingertips more quickly.

Some other feature ideas I had:

  • Ability to set clients as default billable/nonbillable.
  • A calendar-type view so we can easily see start/end times and gaps in tracked time.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the service so far! It has a lot of features that other apps don’t provide on a free account (or at all). I know I have a lot more to discover about it.

Hi Mike and thank you for the kind feedback!

While it’s not possible to set clients as billable/not by default, perhaps it would be useful for you to do this on project level for each client.

We appreciate your suggestions and I’d be happy to share them with the team.


Thanks for the quick reply and for considering my suggestions!

Another idea I had was to quickly set the project on an entry by typing its name in the description starting with a # symbol (or could be an @ symbol, etc.).

Todoist has this feature and it’s a great time saver! For example if you have a project called “Budget report” you type #B and a list of your projects starting with “B” pops up, you can continue typing to refine the list.

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Yes, I like’d see in total just billable hours. For example, if have some breaks during day, which isn’t billable but like to track them how much breaks have been in day/week ect.

Perhaps you could create a project break and track breaks in a seperate project, and view all billable hours in the Reports (you can simply filter out non billable hours from the reports section, but this info is also visible in the Dashboard).