Roport or View Total for all of the Invoices

How can I see a report that would show a total for all of my invoices including those that are not using “import time” and just have a manual “add item”? If I create an invoice for a deposit (without importing hours) it does not show up in “Reports” using “Billed” as a filter. I tried selecting “without project” as a filter and that does not work either. And the invoice section is very basic, it does not show the totals of all invoices created, or total open balances, or total paid… can that be added to the Invoice list view?

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Hi @natalyab,

The reports show the time entries you have tracked, whereas adding the items manually to an invoice does not create a time entry - therefore, it is not possible to see it anywhere outside of the invoice you have created.
I will, however, gladly forward your suggestions to our product team so that they would consider including it in possible future releases.

Hi Uros, thank you for your reply. The paid invoice feature needs at least the basic totals shown. I am surprised that these basic features are missing and hope the team will be implementing them soon as these are very much needed for accounting.