Resource Capacity Planning/Management (Feature Request)

Hello Clockify
We have been using Clockify and Float for a while because Clockify doesn’t have Resource Planning/Management feature included.

After testing so many different Resource Management systems out there, Float has one of the most user-friendly UX/UI. It’s simple, flexible, and intuitive. It also offers a simple Time tracking system (Check here ) But their time tracking feature is very simple comparing to Clockify. Its main strength is Resource Capacity Planning/Management, not time tracking.

I hope Clockify can soon develop and combine the Resource Management feature with your outstanding time tracking as well.

Clockify has already most of the main components such as People, Projects, Client, Tags, Reports, etc… Now just add a Calendar with Timeline and let users projecting workload by add people and their task/hours to a project(s)link in advance, then clicking done and getting approval from a project manager or department manager, etc..

Currently, we have to plan/projecting work/task in Float, then jump back to Clockify to log the final effort hours. It’s quite inconvenient for us.

I believe that people who are managing their project also have benefits of using Resource Management included in Clockify

Check out for their fantastic system

Hi, Kimi! Clockify is a time tracking app and it doesn’t support any Resource/Project planning features. While there are no plans to add such feature in the future, we appreciate you telling us what you are looking for.

Hi Marina,

I use Clockify and Float the same way Kimi does and it would be wonderfull if you add the planning feature. (I have the same use case with some customers).

Now Clockify hande time off with a nice presentation, we would just need to be able to add project entries on the time line with a comment to explain to people what is expected.

This would be such a great improvement and a strong base for many other handy feature.

How Can I help you on this subject ?

Thanks a lor

Hi Nicolas, welcome to Clockify Forum!

There are actually plans to add the scheduling, you check this out on our Roadmap.
And if you have any specific ideas about how you’d expect this to work, feel free to share them via this form, or here if you prefer.