Request: Project selector dropdown in Calendar view

Edit: I mean the task name suggestion box, not the project selector

I am not sure if this is a missing feature (which is extremely sorely needed), or if it is in fact a persistent bug. But when I am adding entries from the Calendar view, there is no project selector dropdown.

This means I have to create the task in EITHER the time tracker view OR the calendar view, then SWITCH to the other view to fill in the missing information.

The calendar view is the only way I can check for gaps or overlaps in my tasks, while the time tracker view is the only way I can make sure the task is spelled consistently. It’s an incredibly frustrating and redundant workflow, which can be solved by simply adding the dropdown to the calendar view.

I am using MacOS, and have tried multiple browsers.

Hello Julia,

Appreciate you reaching out to us on the Forum.

When you click anywhere in the Calendar, there should be a Project option showing, right underneath the Description.

In case it’s missing for you, please reach out to us at


Hi David,

I think I used the wrong term to refer to it. I actually meant the autocomplete suggetion list with the task names, not the project names.