Request: Press enter to submit entry

Currently, I can fill out my entry pretty quickly using the keyboard (hit tab to go to next field), and it would be nice to then also just hit enter to submit, instead of needing to switch to the mouse just to click the button.

I hope the UX team sees this: It seems that Clockify’s current design is catered towards those who rely on the stopwatch function (e.g. there are hotkeys for the stopwatch functions, but manual entry is a pain). But everyone at my company exclusively uses the manual time entry, and not the stopwatch.

Hello Julia,

Thank you for using Clockify Forum.

Could you please let me know if you are referring to one of the desktop apps (and which one) or the web browser version of Clockify?

Please do let me know so that I can submit a feature request on your behalf.


Hi David,
Thanks for responding :smiley: I’m using the web browser version (didn’t realise there was a desktop app)