Request for a Weekly Hours Reconciliation Feature

Hello Clockify Team,
I would like to suggest a crucial feature that seems to be missing: a “weekly hours reconciliation” view. This feature would provide a quick overview, allowing users to see at a glance whether the sum of hours worked and the sum of time off in a given week match the expected weekly hours for each employee.
Such a feature would greatly assist project managers in quickly identifying if an employee has forgotten to log work hours or vacation time. It would streamline the process of ensuring that all hours are accurately tracked and accounted for.
Thank you for considering this suggestion. I believe it would be a valuable addition to the Clockify platform.
Best regards,


Hi @Francesco_Canovi

Thank you for your feedback! I’ve submitted a feedback form on your behalf, which I invite you to also do for a weekly report that takes in the total capacity of a user with their tracked hours and time off to our product team.

One way to achieve this is by using Reminders. Managers can receive an email if a member has tracked fewer hours than the set amount for a day/week/month.

You could also view this information via the Attendance report. This report shows the start/end times, tracked hours, user work capacity, overtime, and time off—but note that it displays daily rather than weekly totals.

Also, you would be able to mark time entries as time off entries via the detailed report. Then, a 7-day summary report grouped by user can be filtered by its “Status” filter, which would allow you to see all the amounts and compare the total hours vs. time off entry hours.

Another workaround is to create a project named “Time Off.” You can then use the Summary report (grouped by user) and filter projects to see total hours with and without the time-off project, comparing all hours worked against time off. The weekly report in Clockify can show you users without time entries.

Thank you for your suggestion and I hope you find this information helpful!

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Thank you very much. This helps a lot!