Reports by active client per time period

Feature request:

At the end of each month I would like to send a report to each client showing them the hours breakdown.

When I run reports in the system, I have to go client by client (even project by project) to show there time, but not all clients have activity each month.
Ideally I would run the monthly detailed report for all clients,
Like today it shows me who was active and all the time entries/line items.
I would then be able to click on the clients name or on the projects name to get that same report but only for that client.

Thanks for the feedback! Your workflow is actually covered by saved reports. Unfortunately, saved reports currently don’t work as intended and we have to rebuild them from scratch.

Once we’re finished, you’ll be able to filter a report by some client and create a link to the report. You’ll be able to send the link directly to a client so they can check time themselves, or you can use the link as a personal bookmark so you don’t have to run the same report over and over.

Also, you’ll be able to save the report with relative dates (eg. Last month), so everytime you open the report, it will display the previous month. You’ll also be able remove the date picker from reports so each time the report is opened via the link, the dates will be fixed and there will be no possibility to see time for other dates.

We’ve currently rebuilding the saved reports, so it’s gonna take a few months before they start working properly.

Sounds good.
The only thing is this way I still need to check every existing client or project instead of having a breakdown of active clients/projects over a timeperiod and then clicking through to the isolated report.

I won’t be sharing the reports with the clients via a link, I would save the report PDF and send it to them.
Also when working out our invoices, I need to check all hours logged so again with saved reports I would need to check every report meaning every client or project.
I would really ideally run a summary of activity for last month > see a list of clients with hours in that time period > expanding the line of the client shows the projects active in that time period > clicking either the client or the project opens up a detailed report with the client or project which I can then audit, use the hours in the invoice I need to create, and download as a PDF.

The features you mention seem to not do this exactly as I would still need to as I said, check every client and project I ever created and as I have a lot of clients and projects, a lot of them may not be active every month and it will end up taking a lot of time to find the reports I specifically need and over time as I add more clients and projects it will get worse.

Sure I can make clients or projects inactive but I still have a lot of ongoing projects that are not active every month.

Currently my best workaround is to run the last month summary and then in a separate tab run the detailed report, filter based on the data from the summary, but this obviously means it is easier to miss a report and also take extra time and is kind of messy.

Anyway, I am really impressed with clockify and will be moving to it, this really is the only issue I have come across that is worth mentioning so hoping you guys will consider adding it in the future.


This is actually in the pipeline and will come with new reports. In the Summary report, you’ll be able to click on any group (ie. client) and open the Detailed report for that group. We plan to first release the new Detailed report, but after that, we’ll start working on the new Summary report which will have the mentioned functionality (this one’s gonna a take a couple of months).

Oh great so happy to hear that.

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