Report for member's assigned work hour

I would like to assign how much a member should work in a project (say 40% of their work hours in a project and 60% in another). I was using exclusive tasks for each person with estimated times to get by, but the reports’ summary only show raw hours and, as the number of employess grew, it became bothersome to check if each one was correct. The status tab in each project was somewhat useful, but I had to open each one manually and it wasn’t as neatly and weekly organized as the summary report.

Is there a way to specifically assign how much work hours in a project is expected from an indiviual member? Or even a way to generate a more organized report given theses circumstances? I was thinking of explicitly writing the amount of desired hours in a task, for example “Task A (40h)”, so I could see this number in the weekly summary report. But if anyone has a better or more robust idea, I’m all ears! Probably for a good report with charts, I’d need to export the data to excel, but I was avoiding this for as long as I could to keep everything within a single platform.

Hi James, welcome to Clockify Forum!

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to assign work hour to an individual member. You can only add estimates to projects or their tasks. So the best option is the one you’re suggesting, assigning a specific task to one user only, and setting task-based estimates.

However, currently, the estimates are only visible from the Project Status. But we do plan to add them to the Summary report too. So I hope this will help.