Report filters listed on reports

hi clockifiers,
lets say i generate a report with some filters, lets say a couple staff, on a few specific jobs, in a specific time period. all looks good, i save as PDF or screenshot it or whatever.
a month later i find the print out of this report on my desk, but i cant establish what it means, as the filters are not indicated on the report. the date is listed on exported reports, but that’s it.

in our organization, our book keeper ends up printing and writing on the report by hand, what they actually mean.

surely there could be a checkbox or something that summarizes any filter settings on screen and in reports?


Hi Jono,

It’s best to use the Summary report since it has three levels of grouping the entries.
And then export the report in CSV instead of PDF. This report will contain the Group by categories you selected, the time, and the amount.

And if you need to further customize it, there’s the Customize Exports paid feature that might help. You could customize the Detailed report with this feature too.