Remove or edit time added from Auto tracker

I’ve accidentally added time from the auto tracker window using the “Merge add” option to the incorrect project, but now I’m unable to correct this. It would be great if I could change the project/task for these after the fact, or remove incorrectly added times and then re-add them to the correct place.

Currently, the only option is to delete the logged entry from the tracked list, which doesn’t change anything in my web app and just deletes the entry from the list altogether, which is not what I want.

Hi there. It is possible to change the project on the web/desktop if the incorrect project was chosen while creating the time entries from the auto tracker. Basically, just find the time entry that was created, click on the project that was chosen and choose another one from the project picker (dropdown list). Hope this helps. Cheers!

Thanks for your tip but this does not work as once the entry is merged with other times from the auto tracker, it can’t be separated from the others it was merged with. I understand this could be done if the times were added using the Bulk add option but that’s not what I’m after.

I can still see the separate entry in the auto tracker list with a green check next to it but can only delete it. I would like be able to separate that one line item out and move it elsewhere.