Read Only User Rights?

Is there an option to create a user account that has the right to view all data across the workspace but no rights to modify or make any entries?

We have been gradually implementing Clockify with our team of 15 architecture and engineering staff and getting some positive feedback.

At this point I would like to share the data with some of the partners who are not directly involved in the daily business operations. They do not need to use the program to track their own time. Moreover I would prefer that they not have the ability to inadvertently make or correct entries or modify the framework that we have taken time to develop - and still working on.

Is there an option to set a user with these unlimited viewing rights without also granting them the ability to make entries? If not are there plans to include this or does anyone have any suggestions on how to set something up that might work.

At this point I have yet to delve too much into the differences between the types of user accounts combined with privacy settings and groups but it occurred to me that there might be a way to work with these variables to accomplish something similar.

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Hi Lisa, Welcome to Clockify Forum.

If you want to give outside users the ability to see tracked time you can try using Shared Reports.
When a shared report is created you are given a link that you can share with others. By going on the link the user is only able to see the data according to the filters you set.
Here is also a video tutorial that covers this topic.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Srdjan.

I had noticed the Shared Reports feature but that doesn’t provide the Owner with the ability to search and view information on their own.

Hi Lisa,

The filters on these reports are set and the viewer can only:

  • Can change the date range (unless you lock dates)
  • Can export the results in PDF, CSV, and Excel
  • Can sort by other criteria

I will share your comments and suggestions with the development team so that they can consider them for future updates.

I would support this request as we are finding the same. It would be great to be able to provide certain people full read-only access to time recorded (not setup / cost information necessarily). Ideally, we could have read-only Admin (i.e. see cost data as well) and read-only standard user. Thanks.