Rates against a task

Is it possible (or could it be possible in the future) to set specific rates against tasks on a single project?

Hey Ryan! This is also not currently possible, but I can see this would go well with the option to set tasks as billable/non-billable so we will have your feedback in mind when considering adding these options.

Definitely adding a vote for this feature request. This would be an extremely helpful feature and bring clockify in line with how we are billing.

Right now we have to rely on workarounds (naming and csv exports etc) to achieve what we need… I would much rather be able to use the inbuilt clockify reports instead which would only work if we could set rates against tasks


Same request here, we set up the same tasks for each projects and our rate depends on the tasks, not people or projects. We managed to do without it, now it becomes a dealbreaker.
Would appreciate an ETA on this. Thanks in advance.