Quickbooks Integration

It would be great if clockify integrated with quickbooks online so you could create a draft invoice from a time report, and copy each time entry on to the invoice so the invoice itself becomes the time log for the client. After this, you would need to be able to mark all of the copied time entries as billed in clockify so you don’t accidentally re bill for them in the future.

The only thing holding us back from switching from Harvest is this. In harvest, it just takes a few clicks to generate a monthly time report on a project, review all time entries, and press “Send to Quickbooks” and a draft invoice is made + the time entries become locked and marked billed. Seems like using Clockify if your company charges for hourly services must be incredibly tedious by comparison without any invoice integrations.

Thanks for the suggestion!

We actually plan to build a QuickBooks integration, you can see it on our roadmap, but there’s no specific timeline for this at the moment.

I was wondering if there is an update on this integration? I saw it on the roadmap, but I was hoping for a little more detail. This feature would be a gamechanger for us, and would mean that our entire firm would migrate onto Clockify.