Quickbooks integration - Reset

Hi, i’m trying to synchronize my entries in a Quickbooks Online account. I’ve already sent some hour as a test but now I’d like to star over. Is there a way to reset the sent entries because I have no way to send them back to Quickbooks now.

Hello Viz,

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Kindly note that once the entries are sent to the QB the system already marked them as sent, and there is no way to send them again.

As a workaround, I would recommend you to duplicate those entries, and send them again to Quickbooks.

Hope this helps!


QuickBooks Online to undo sent entries. You can manually delete or void transactions and recreate them if needed. Always check the Audit Log for a record of changes. For the latest guidance, refer to QuickBooks Online documentation or contact their support.

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If the entries you sent as a test are still within QuickBooks Online, you can manually delete them. However, be cautious when deleting entries as it may affect your financial records.