Projects with No Time in a Given Month


I am currently using the Free Trial of Clockify and exploring whether it will be a good fit for our volunteering organization.

A key need for us is the ability to see Projects that have not had any time assigned (billable or non-billable) to them in a month. Currently a project only shows up on the reports if there is time assigned to it. I cannot seem to find an answer on how to see this information in a report on the forum currently (I may not be searching correctly), or on the How-To Guide.

If anyone knows of a way to get this information, I’d be very grateful!


Hi Sanjee, welcome to Clockify Forum!

Unfortunately, there’s no really an elegant solution you can use for your key need. The only workaround I could advise is to create a spreadsheet with the names of all your Projects outside of Clockify, then for eg. you can use the Summary report, where you will have the date range set to one month and group it by Project / Time entry. Then, you can export that report to CSV or XLSX,combine it with your Project list and manually find the projects that did not have any time assigned to them.

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