Project visibility in reports


I’ve been using Clockfy for a while to track the time of some personal activities. Today I started a project with a friend, created a new project, and added him to it.

When entering the Projects area only this new project is visible to him, which is what I wanted.

But when he enters the Reports area, all the time and the name of my personal projects are visible to him.

I’d expect that only the project that he’s member of would be visible in the reports for him. Is this the intended behavior?

Thanks in advance,
Rodrigo Basniak

Hi Rodrigo,

Welcome to Clockify forum!

Making a project private/public refers to who can track time on that project (who can select it in the project picker when tracking time).
By default, all users will be able to see other users’ time entries in Report including those tracked on private projects.
You can change this and set if you want Regular users to see only their own time, on public projects, or all time entries.
This is an extra feature available on our paid plans, and you can learn more about it here.

Hello Jane,

Thank you so much for the information!