Project task based time estimate bug(?)

In such project (where time estimates reset each month), when I create several tasks but set “time estimate per month” to only one of them, “Status” of the project still includes time tracked in the other tasks that have no estimate set. See the figure below.

Here, only the task “Exercise” has an estimation set, but the time from “Sheet” is included too and it claims that the project is already at 100% of the estimation, while I would expect to be only around 30%, according to the “Exercise” task.

Am I missing something?
Thanks for the clarification.

Hi there, welcome to Clockify Forum,

If you select the Task-Based Estimate option, the Project Status will take into account the sum of all the tasks. In your case, you have set up one task with the time estimate and others with none, which are counted as 0.
Then overall project estimate is calculated as the sum of the mentioned tasks.

If you wish to see the 30% on individual tasks I would recommend setting one main estimate for the whole project or adding an estimate for each task.

I hope that helps and thank you so much for taking the time to share with us what is you’re looking for from our app.