Project Status Improvement Suggestion

Hi Clockify team, today we upgraded to a paid subscription to your software, with one of the chief reasons for our adoption of it being that it is simple and elegant. It has been a pleasure to use, and I wanted to make a suggestion for two possible improvements to the project / tasks features of Clockify. I grant that Clockify is not a project management tool, and I’m very happy about that because those tools often get buried under the weight of their features. With that said, I am suggesting two improvements to help with a kind of Project Management Lite use case of Clockify.

  1. Burndown Chart
    Currently the project status section of Clockify has an awesome breakdown of tasks, project workload (from hourly estimates) and current progress based on time logged against tasks. Burndown charts are a way of viewing how you are tracking against some future deadline, and it is very easy for them to become very complicated and turn in to a burden. In Clockify’s case, I think most of the data required to produce a simple burndown chart, is already there. We can specify tasks, times and the project status area already shows an overview of completion towards the total estimated time. It seems like only two bits of data are missing: first each user on a team, needs to have some indication of their hours available on a weekly basis, and second the project needs some end-time, a future date when it needs to be done. Then a simple burndown chart can be extrapolated from this data, and I keep saying “simple” as I’m conscious this is the key draw factor I think of Clockify and anything to do with project management can rapidly spin out of control.

  2. Search for Tasks in Project View
    This is as the title suggests, I would find it useful to be able to search for a task in that project view, because our projects have upwards of 100 tasks, and they don’t appear on the first page, and even if we set the page view to 200, it’s still a little tedious to find them.

That’s it, thanks!

Hi Ian and welcome to our forum!

While there are no plans to introduce this yet, I can totally see how the burn chart would boost project management and make it more efficient. So thank you for this detailed feedback.

As for the search field for tasks inside projects, this is something we plan on adding in the future, but there is no specific timeline for it :slight_smile: