Project Resource Role?

As far I can tell there is no way to add a role for the team member/resource assigned to a project? This would be very helpful to be included in a future release.

This would help a lot when it comes to generating a report that is used for billing.

We have team members who have their internal ‘job title’ but may be fulfilling slightly different roles on customer projects. For the internal job title we can use ‘groups’ but there is no way to assign a project specific role.

Please let me know if I’m missing something.

Hello Matt,

Thank you for using the Clockify Forum!

Could you please let me know more about how you would like for this Project member role to work in Clockify and I will gladly fill out a feature request on your behalf and forward it over to the Team.


When setting up a project it should be possible to define a list of Project Roles - e.g. Project Manager, Workstream Lead, Technical Lead, Analyst, Trainer, Developer etc.

Then when assigning team members to the Project it is possible to select which role each team member is fulfilling on the Project.

As a more advanced feature, it should also be possible to define Bill Rates per role. E.g. Project Manager = 200 per hour, Workstream Lead = 150 per hour, Analyst = 50 per hour. If this option is turned on then the Bill Rate for the resource would be automatically populated from the rate assigned to the role rather than needing to be manually inputted.

A further feature could be to also allow roles and rates to be defined at Workspace level along with bill rates. These roles are then available for all Projects and do not need to be set up each time. Although it should be possible to override this on an individual project level.

Hope this helps clarify.

Hello Matt,

Thank you for sharing this with us.

I have just now forwarded your suggestion to the team so they can review and consider it for future updates of the feature.

Thank you for taking the time to write a comment.