Project billable rate not working

I noticed that if you change the Project billable rate and you select to apply it backward and onward, it does not properly work when you set it to 0.

Hi Francesco,

Do you happen to have any rates in the Project Access tab, or Task rates?

Have the previous entries been approved, perhaps?

Not sure to understand your question.
In the settings I set to 0 the workspace billable rate (the default) then I set it at a project level. But it behaves weirdly.
Have a look at this video: 2022-09-29 21-51-05.mp4 - Google Drive

I’ve found that if I add the billable rate after I start doing work, it will not reflect on past events. The way I fix this is to simply click the blue dollar sign off and on again for each instance in the Time Tracker where the billing rate was missed. This also works in the Detailed Report view.


Hi @Francesco_Canovi!

As I can see Mishko wanted to check if you have perhaps set up any other rates that could override the project rate, since in Clockify there are five different rates where more specific one overrides the less specific one. You can find more about it here.

Since you mentioned that you already checked this and the project status seems to stay unchanged, my suggestion would be to clear cache and cookies from your browser, since sometimes Clockify can’t load all of the changes due to overload of browser’s memory.

Feel free to update us if after the clearing, the value of entries is zero, and if not, please reach out to us at


Hi @DouglasEPowell,

Thank you for your help out here!

In case you don’t set up each rate to be changed for all past and future time entries (which is available on paid plans), rates will not apply historically.

Thus, the workaround that you mentioned will work directly in Detailed report or Time tracker page.


I’m currently in contact with support because we are experiencing many other major data problems.
I.e. we cannot edit a time entry that was recorded with the timer.

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