Project availability for (re-)starting timer form exisiting entries

Love Clockify so far, very convenient time tracker – thanks so much for making this available.

I just thought about a small UI improvement I wanted to share with you:

When starting the timer from existing entries in the (Mac Desktop) App I sometimes encounter a dialogue saying “This project isn’t available any more” (or similar wording) and I then go and re-activate the project accordingly.

For me it would be easier to grasp that the project is archived / deleted if there were either a general indication with the list entries like a subtle background-color (but that also maybe ‘cluttering’ the interface) or – and I’d like that even better – if the play button was disabled or hidden for projects that aren’t available any more…

Also a general UI thing that may be worth exploring: Hide non-necessary (visual) infos with the list entries and only reveal them on hover, like the play button, the new “What have you worked on”-description etc.

Is the interface done in CSS?

I could also mock up what I am talking about but am a bit busy atm…

Regards & keep it up!

Hi Evance and thank you for these interesting suggestions! I’ll make sure to forward them to our macOS team.

Also, the app is native, so the interface is not done in CSS.