Problems with /reports/summary, tags request attribute


Since around 1-2 weeks, I’m experiencing different responses than for the past 2.5 years.
My reports are broken now. I debugged it and found out that something changed, about tags[status] attribute.
When doing following request:
“dateRangeStart”: “2020-04-09T00:00:00.000000Z”,
“dateRangeEnd”: “2020-11-22T23:59:59.999999Z”,
“summaryFilter”: {
“groups”: [
“billable”: null,
“tags”: {
“ids”: [
“containedInTimeentry”: “DOES_NOT_CONTAIN”,
“status”: “ALL”

It will only return entries which has tag assigned, but its not mytagID → BUT BUT it ignores all untagged entries.

While before it was returning both untagged and tagged entries, with excluded mytagID.

Was there any recent changes that made it like that?

Hi Dawid,

Can you please contact our support team at so we can investigate this issue further?


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I did so already. Thank you Nicola

Your team member suggested following thing, that worked for me:

"Could you please try selecting the status to “Active” and see if it shows the correct data for you with “DOES_NOT_CONTAIN” Tag?

We’ve made some changes lately, however, I would need to check this further with the team whether this is desired behavior or not."

tags[status] =ACTIVE or tags[status] =null or removing status attribute entirely seems to work for me.

I hope this helps other people, with similar problems.

Take care y’all