Power BI Reporting

I’ve haven’t been using Clockify for that long, and whilst their reporting is okay, it isn’t like Power BI, which I’m used to using.

I was looking for alternatives and came across Tugger (yeh the name made me laugh) The simple way to get your Clockify data into Power BI or Tableau.

What was really funny though (and definitely in a good way) was what they provide; I was able to sign up for a free trial for 30 days; once my data had pulled across to their data warehouse, I was able to download the report template they included in the package - and it wasn’t restricted because it was a free trial.

The report has sections relating to Clients, Tasks, Team Members, Expenses and Invoices - and for those who use Power BI a lot, there are also tons of drill-through options as well as some very useful slicers, all which help provide a more granular analysis of the data.

All-in-all, I’m impressed so far.

Hey Nico,

Thanks a lot for your feedback and for sharing your experience!
In order to import data into Power BI from Clockify, please follow this link.


Hi John

Thank you for your reply.

Certainly good to know it’s available as I hadn’t realised, which should be kind of obvious, otherwise how would third parties get your data.

It isn’t straightforward though. I found that accessing my data via the OData link that Tugger includes, provides me with a list of tables that I can map in Power BI, although I’m currently looking at altering a part of their existing report - as much the visualisation as anything.

Don’t get me wrong, I think what you offer is great, I’m just thinking that accessing data using API tools isn’t the best solution for me, but I’m aware its there.

Again, thank you.

Worth looking at this too: