Poor performances

I’ve noticed a significant performance issue with the reports interface in Clockify. We are experiencing considerable slowness, especially due to the necessity of loading the entire project log before filtering for specific projects. This not only slows down the process but also affects our overall productivity.
A more efficient data loading mechanism and the introduction of a project-specific time report feature would greatly enhance Clockify’s usability for day-to-day project management.
Any plans on that?

Francesco Canovi

I support this. Furthermote, my experience is that I often reach the Reports but from previously e.g. the period “last year” is used, but by default no filters are applied which makes it slow. In my case, it would suffice to just wait to explicitly confirm my choices of date range and filters and after that proceed to the query.

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Hello there,

Appreciate you using the Clockify Forum.

Would you mind contacting our Support Team by writing to support@clockify.me so we can take a look at this problem?


In my case it often freezes the app completely.