Please help me? - Clockify crashes Chrome at 9mb CPU usage


I have heavily used the support inbox for Clockify for some time, but rarely to any avail - it took several months to fix the first problem I had, and now I’m running into one I am struggling to prove, so I’m coming to the forum to see if any of you are having the same issue so we can work together to explore it?!.

My problem:
Upon downloading and installing the Clockify for Windows application (the only reason I use clockify is to get data specifically on the apps and tabs I am tracking), as of the 1.4.1 version of Clockify, it causes google chrome to crash REGULARLY.

How I know it’s clockify:
At first, I didn’t. I am a marketing and online community architect, so I use A LOT of programs and extensions. I got fed up with the browser crashing constantly, so I started deleting the culprits I thought it would be. At first, I deleted extension by extension. Then I deleted cross-browser applications like Grammarly, Tubebuddy, and folder pro. I turned off all of my productivity plug ins like undistracted etc. Before I knew it I had a completely clean google chrome, and it was still happening.

So I started deleting desktop applications from least to most important. I even ended up deleting my antivirus since that’s typically the most common culprit. Once I got to Clockify, poof, no crashing. But after deleting so many things and it takes so long to find a culprit there was just simply too many questions. I had virtually nuked the whole system already, so I PROPERLY nuked my computer.

Back to factory settings I went with a totally new install of both the OS and Chrome.

A completely new profile with no extensions history etc. (it was an absolute nightmare to lose it all), and I started adding things 1 by 1 until I started experiencing the issue. I would add 1 thing every day or two as needed and then monitor it until the crashes started happening.

I haven’t been using my productivity tracker for months now (not great), but I just had a suspicion it would be clockify.

So after a month-long process, I finally downloaded and ran Clockify for windows, and BAM.

Browser crashes 3 times in an hour - my computer’s CPU pegs to a measly 9MB, and chrome uses almost all of that. the second it hits that mark—despite going far beyond it for a month prior—the browser freezes and crashes.

Now, I do a LOT of video editing, so a 9 MB CPU ping does literally nothing to my computer. DaVinci runs a CPU and GPU at full ping when rendering videos in under 5 minutes. My computer is a BEAST. For chrome+Clockify though, that’s enough to crash it like a toothpick bridge.

So I put in a support ticket to this effect and their response was, “do all of that again, but like, on camera to prove it.”

I was defeated.

Clockify support wanted me to completely re-clean, re-install, and redo the problem, which will take weeks, for me to prove it’s clockify. How do you prove something like this regularly?

So, I told them I would post to the forum, to get help from the community in proving the issue from far more technical and smarter people than I.

Can you all please help me identify the actual issue I have no idea how to test this.

Hello Samantha,

Thank you for sharing the detailed description of the issue you are facing. I can definitely see how this can cause you a lot of issues.

I’ve personally gone over the previous ticket that you had with us and I have reached out the person who you were in contact with previously.

I can assure you that one of the Support agents will reach out to you again and we will put in a maximum effort to try and help you out.


No worries. I would definitely appreciate a resolution for sure, but I would also love it if the public could help me troubleshoot this with better words and terms and knowledge.

I’m a pretty technical person, but this is NOT my strong suit. Like, at all.

Hey everyone!

After installing clockify to prove this on my home computer, it didn’t struggle for a few hours, but then I had my first crash within 7 hours as I was going to bed, and again today at 11am. Then as I’m writing this (7pm) we had the third crash. The system hasn’t crashed in a month, and the ONLY change I made was clockify - I predicted crashes would start upon installation, and bam - it’s happening.

The progressive crashes are worsening, with the “not responding” text taking longer and longer each time. The first one was recoverable after 3-4 minutes, and the second lasted 11 before I killed it. The third one, I just terminated immediately to restart chrome and write this.

I also want to clarify the 9MB reference because some people had asked (rightly so - it doesn’t make sense XD). It is indeed a typo and it was indeed also made in ignorence. Ignoring that I’m editing the video, please see the screenshot below. Currently, my browser is working, so the numbers are acceptable. The problem occurs when google chrome’s CPU usage hits 9% RAM regardless of any other load to the computer. I put in the MB from the disk percentage when I copied it over.

I’ve also enabled the chrome crash reporting to provide logs here in the future.

Hello Samantha.

I can see that our support team is already in touch with you regarding this issue.

We are looking forward to finding the solution for the reported issue.

Thank you so much for your detailed cooperation.


Hey all!

As a quick update to this issue I have spoken with the support team over the holidays and luckily I ended up with a BRAND NEW laptop computer over the holidays so I had to completely rebuild my OS setup anyway.

As it stands my only issues have been clockify freezing upon startup which is rectified by rebooting the app and shouldn’t be an issue since my reboots are only once in a blue moon.

the issue that I continue to have here has also not occurred through the holidays but I’ve also not been using my computer much at all.

Hopefully I’ll be able to garner more information on it later!

In other news, this forum has been helpful for some other really nice ideas but I figured I’ll be doing a course on building a productivity tracker using Clockify so I’ll come back to post it when I finally get around to doing it!

Hello Samantha,

I hope you are doing well this week, we are glad to hear you enjoy using the Forum!

In case you come across the same issue again, please feel free to reach out to the Support Team at

Wish you a Happy New Year!