Please align the "Project - Client" field

Please align the “Project - Client” field in the Time Tracker view, and in the Detailed Report view.
I think “Project - Client” field should be aligned in a column. Otherwise, when the user scrolls to scan for a specific “Project - Client”, it is hard because the user has to try to focus horizontally, to the left and right, depending on the length of the description.
Thank you!

Hi @dougalex, thank you for the feedback!

I have noted down your suggestion and I will notify you when this is available.

Have a nice day!

Just a reminder. Still hoping this will be addressed soon.
Thank you

Hi @dougalex

Sorry for the inconvenience, but every feature that we develop has priority assigned to it. This feature request has its priority assigned, it’s just that there are many other feature with higher priority.

Hope this clarifies it a bit. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask, I’m here to help.