Phone call tracking

Would love to see the ability for the mobile app to auto log phone calls into Clockify so that we can then more easily track the time spent on calls with clients :grinning: :calling:

Ideally, this would be an option in the mobile app.

A few key feature would include:

  • Enable / Disable
  • Days and hours to enable (eg M-F 9am-5pm only)
  • Tag all calls with …
  • Put all calls into … project
  • Task description options eg [Contact name (Phone Number)] OR [Contact Name] OR [Contact Name - Title - Company]

Bonus features would include

  • Include / Exclude contacts list

On an incoming call the logic would be:
If the call is during enabled times:

  1. Stop current task (if any)
  2. Start new task β€œCall with [Contact Name]”
  3. Call ends. Stop the call task.
  4. Resume previous task (if any)
  5. Display notification β€œWould you like to track this call?” If the user selects no, the entry is discarded, if user selects yet, the entry is kept.

We use mostly Android phones but obviously this would be an awesome feature for all mobile device types.

I think this feature will be great , for me in technical support, should be tracing call and stop current task