Payroll Report - Suggestion

My business needs a simple payroll report. This report needs to contain hours worked, by employee for a given time period. At its simplest, this would be similar to the bottom part of the summary report. However, that summary report, when saved to Excel, is by user/time entry. Which means that every entry has multiple lines, and we need to remove these extra lines before we can send it to our payroll provider.

Hi Randy!

If you’re using the Summary report then it will always be grouped in two categories. The option to only select one group will be possible in the future.

Until then, you can try using the grouping option to group it by User/Date and simply get a breakdown for each day. Or use the Weekly report and get a cleaner report with less info if that helps.

I found a way to do this, actually - put all employees into a single user group, then sort the summary report by User Group / User.

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Great tip, thanks for that!