Pausing Clock, Billable Time Per Entry

Having the ability to PAUSE a timer vs. just stopping it would be quite nice to have. This then becomes part and parcel of a new “non-billable” field (expressed in 99:99 or 99.99) per time entry. So, if I’m working on a client matter and have the clock running, I want to simply pause the timer for a few minutes if I run and get a cup of coffee, etc. I don’t want to have to stop the timer and start a new one. Stopping and starting timers in this way clutters up the system with too many entries. If I’m working a solid hour between 11:00am and 12:00pm for client XZY but I grab a snack or use the bathroom, I want to be able to pause the timer and resume it when I get back, but in terms of what I see and the client sees, it’s just one entry between 11am-12pm with a time credit of :10.

P.S. We LOVE Clockify™ and it has already changed our lives! Just a few changes like this could make our billing process, reports, etc so much cleaner. And it would give you an edge with the competition who doesn’t seem to have this feature either :slight_smile:

We’d also really like to have support for pausing timers.
With time rounding enabled, stopping a task and starting a new one later just doesn’t work as a solution for us.

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It might also be nice to be able to trigger a notification after some configurable time limit, as during short breaks one can lose track of time.

I concur - this is probably the one feature that I need that Clocikify can’t do.

Please confirm - is this on your roadmap, and when will it be released?


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Hi all,

Thank you for your detailed feedback.

Unfortunately we don’t have the option to pause the timer in our roadmap, but I will forward this as a feature suggestion to our Product team so they can reconsider it for future upgrades of Clockify.

As for notifications, Clockify has an option to receive an email notification about long-running timers (only when a time entry is running more than 8 hours). This can be enabled by going to the Profile settings > Email preferences > Manage > Tackle option “Long-running timer”.

Another option would be for Admin to set ‘Reminders’ from the Team page, where you can enable for your team members to receive an email notification if they track more/less time than the set up limit per day/week/month.

In order for team members to be able to receive these emails, they also need to make sure that this option is enabled in their Email preferences in Profile settings.

Hope this helps. Cheers!