Pause/Continue feature request

Sometimes I just want to pause the time for a short period of time, a pause button would be extremely helpful.

Hi Ignacio,

Thanks for your valuable suggestion and for explaining how it would benefit you.
We appreciate your input, but we don’t have immediate plans to include this feature in our product roadmap. However, I assure you that your vote has been noted, and I’ll forward all the details you provided to our team for future consideration.
Thanks again for sharing your ideas with us.

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Yeah it struck me as very odd that this isn’t already included as a feature, it seems like a very obvious and crucial one. Otherwise I just have to keep making the same timer with the same comments over and over during the day or I have to just time my breaks myself and deduct them from the total time at the end which defeats the purpose of Clockify.

This feature is, kind of, already available, I use this method regularly.

  1. Stop the current task.
  2. Push the play button of this task in the tracker log. The same note will be used automatically.

Clockify please add a pause button. I’m thinking about changing apps otherwise.

Yes but if you use rounding and stop the timer it gets rounded up and then there are separate entries each rounded and overcharging