Hi again,

what is the best way to track employees overtime? Is there a way to get an overview?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Tom,

Unfortunately, Clockify doesn’t have features that deal with overtime specifically.

You could only set up a tag “overtime” and assign it to time entries you work overtime to know which hours are over when you run your reports. Then in Excel, for example, you could deal with these hours manually.

Hi Jovana,

Just to be sure…

I see that we can put target times per day/week and month. Lets say that I can put a target for each month this year.

If I have 10 hours overtime in January, 5 hours to less in February…
I would like to see on the 1st of March something like “5 hours overtime in total”. In this way you can keep track of these hours unlimited.

Sure this isn’t possible on any way…?

Thanks in advance!

If you set target for each month, the email notifying you about going over the target or not reaching it will take into account only the previous month. So if you set a target of 10h in January and you track 15h, in February you’ll get an email notifying you that you tracked more hours than the targeted number.


but in our example we work for example with a high season and a low season.
Hours worked as overtime, can be taken back in the low season.
So it is possible that we keep counting and end the summer season with +100 hrs over the months, but then we can take them back in winter time, if we want.

But it is also possible to keep them counting for other reasons.

Practically it shoud just be a counter that doesn’t stop.
For example the admin can put in the target hours for every week (taking into account holidays etc.) and in background we just need a counter that checks continue effective worked hours vs target hours.

Would be very nice ;-).