Overlapping Time Entries Causing Significant Loss of Work Hours

Hello Forum, Hello Clockify Team,

Over the past few weeks, we’ve encountered a critical issue with overlapping time entries that has resulted in a substantial loss of work hours. This problem arises whenever a team member switches from one project to another using the timer. Instead of starting the new project in the subsequent minute after the previous one ends, both projects are logged in the same minute. For instance:

  • 10:00 to 10:10 Project A
  • 10:10 to 10:20 Project B

This overlap causes us to lose one minute for every project transition. Given the frequency of our project changes, this adds up to a considerable amount of lost time each month, significantly impacting our operational efficiency.

Despite raising this issue with the Clockify support team, our concerns have been dismissed, and the seriousness of the problem has not been acknowledged. From a professional standpoint, this response is disappointing and unacceptable.

While we are aware of the possibility to manually correct these overlaps using the calendar tool, this is not a viable long-term solution. We expect our time tracking tool to accurately record working hours without such discrepancies.

We would greatly appreciate any assistance or advice on how to address this issue. Is anyone else experiencing similar problems? Any suggestions or workarounds would be immensely helpful. We are considering switching to an alternative time tracking solution if this issue persists.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Hello there,

Thanks for using Clockify Forum!

Your point of view is definitely understandable and we appreciate you reaching out to share your ideas and concerns regarding how the app works and bringing this to our attention.

With the current design of the app, Clockify does not have an option to prevent overlapping time entries. The best option as a workaround is to manually edit the start time so that the entries are not overlapping, or perhaps use exporting to Excel to view the overlapping time.

That said, we will gladly fill out a feature suggestion on your behalf for the Team to consider this improvement in the future.


Hello David, thanks a lot for your answer. I am really puzzled. This should be a kernel feature for every time tracking app to record the exact working time of employees. Without manual corrections the company lost and would miss a considerable amount of working time, which at the end is really expensive. How is it possible that we are the first ones who are noticing that? Is there any expectation when this will be fixed?