Outlook Desync

My and my team (12 ppl) all lost the synchronization to outlook yesterday and have not been able too connect ever since.

Hi there,

I apologize for the inconvenience and the late response.

Our dev team had fixed the issue, so please log out/log back in and it should work as expected.
If that is not the case, please email us at support@clockify.me and we will investigate the problem.

Kind regards.

We also had the issue with Outlook calendar, most of this has been resolved, however, my calendar is not syncing even though it says it’s connected. I’ve disconnected, and re-connected a few times, logged out and back in and still no joy, is there anything else I can try?

I’m sorry to hear that.
Please try to clear your browser history, cache and cookies, close the browser and then try again.
If the issue persists, please contact us via email at support@clockify.me and we’ll take a closer look.