Opt to put Description AFTER Project in Detailed Reports view

I’ve recently started my team on Clockify and have been very satisfied with its usability for my employees and the excellent organization of data for the admin end.

However, there is one issue that has been slightly bothering me.

I spend a lot of time on the Detailed Reports screen, and it’s not very convenient that the optional “Description” column is in front of the Project column.
I have carefully color coordinated all of our projects and often need to quickly skim to find a specific one, but the varying lengths of descriptions bounces the alignment all over the place and makes it less easily legible than it could be.

Really just a minor issue, but having the ability to rearrange the columns in this Detailed Reports view as I see fit would really make a difference in how I experience the tool.

Hi @KellyC_Signature, welcome to Clockify Forum!

Thanks for the feedback! We are happy that you enjoy Clockify. Unfortunately, we don’t have any plans for this feature. However, I noted your suggestion and will let you know if we decide to start working on it.

Kindly note that there is a workaround. You can export a report in Excel and then reorder columns. Is this something that could be useful for you?

Have a nice day!