New Layout on small screen resolution

The new updated to Clockify has greatly changed how data is presented and viewed.
The new look Reports | Detailed view is now missing key info.
Unfortunately without being able to view: Description + User + Project + Time/hours + Date all in the one view the App loses it potency.
Is it possible to turn this feature back on ?
The new look Detailed view layout in Reports is cumbersome and hides all the valuable info that used to be displayed.

Hi, there! Welcome to the Clockify forum!

Please check the attached.
If the screen size is small, you can click the arrow to see all the details.
You can also stretch your window and have the details in one line.
Let me know if this works for you.

Thanks for the feedback! To get the previous layout, just press Ctrl + Minus (-) on your keyboard to zoom out of the page (or maximize the window). The one you’re viewing is the layout for devices with smaller screens (tablets and phones).