New bug? Issues? using extension in Edge

Has there been a recent change in the Edge (Chrome?) extension? I’ve noticed a couple issues recently that I had not experienced previously:

  • Sometimes when I stop the timer, the existing task is not stopped—so if I switch to another window, I find the timer still going. (Perhaps this is related to the fact that I am almost always using several windows at one time.)

  • Sometimes when I go to start or stop the timer, I get a message that I must refresh the page to use the extension. I’ve seen this before in other browsers when, say, Bitwarden updated, but had not seen this using Clockify in Edge until, near as I can recall, this week.

(It occurs to me that I believe Edge updated recently, so perhaps this is a new change for Edge rather than Clockify? But not one that I’ve noticed in other extensions…)

Hi there!
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Please reinstall the extension and if the issue persists reach us at so we can investigate further.
Monitor the situation for a few days in case the latest Edge version is causing an issue until they stabilize it.

Hope this helps! Cheers!