New autotracker checkboxes can be tedious

I can see how the checkboxes feature was desired because it was difficult to see whether and which entries were highlighted. However, autotracker creates lots of short entries every time you switch apps or even windows within an app. If I want to select multiple entries for a project and log all at once, I could sort by app or time and use the shift key with the mouse to select dozens or sometimes hundreds of entries at once. It was quick. Now it seems I have to click on every single entry to mark the checkbox. It takes ten times as long to log these entries as it did before. Is there some way that you could add a way to easily select an entire range of entries, or at least allow spacebar to select the checkboxes - that would at least help a little. Or a filter by app (filter all Excel entries, for example), then Select All could be used on that subset. I appreciate the effort of this change, and I do think it makes things easier in some situations, but unfortunately it makes it harder when you have hundreds of entries per day.


Thank you for taking the time to provide us with all the details. We’ll forward this as a feature suggestion to our product team for consideration! If you have more ideas you’d like to share with us, please feel free to fill out our feedback form. Feature Feedback - Clockify™