Multiple Workspaces = Pay per workspace/user?


We are in the process of merging three companies into one. Where the employees of the companies are going to be spread across different teams.

I’m trying to figure out if we should merge them into one workspace or have multiple based on the different teams.

But I’m not 100% sure on how the pricing works.

The management team needs to have insight into all the teams time off.
Would that mean we would have to pay “double” for all the management team since they need to be in all the workspaces?

workspace 1

  • admin 1
  • admin 2
  • employee 1
  • employee 2

workspace 2

  • admin 1
  • admin 2
  • employee 3
  • employee 4

this would mean
workspace 1 - 4 licenses
workspace 2 - 4 licenses

instead of 6 since admin1,2 are shared between them?

Hi Leon!

Subscriptions are tied to workspaces, not individual users.
As workspaces are completely separate data segregators, subscription payments are separate regardless of the role users have and if they are members of another workspace that might be owned by the same company.

If you have any other questions, I remain at your disposal!