Multiple hourly rates

We have employees that will have different hourly rates bases on time of day or day of week. is there a way to add multiple hourly rates?

not critical for them to follow a schedule but to be in a drop down list would be helpful

Hello welcome to Clockify forum,

There are 5 types of hourly rates in Clockify: (each person can have their own depending on what they are working on)

  • Workspace rate, which you define in Workspace settings; it gets applied to all billable time rates unless it gets overridden by a more specific hourly rate
  • Member rate, which you define on Team page for each user
  • Project rate, which you define for each project
  • Projects’ member rate, which you define in projects’ Access tab
  • Task rate, if enabled in workspace settings (Standard, Pro or Enterprise plan)

A more specific hourly rate overrides a less specific one: “Project’s member rate” overrides “Project rate” overrides “Member rate” overrides “Workspace rate”.

You can find out more information on hourly rates here:

We do not have a feature that lets you set different hourly rates according to the time of the day or the day of the week.
I will suggest this feature to the developers so that they can consider it for future updates.