Multiple currencies for Workspace

Hi there!

It would be nice if I could use multiple currencies in my Workspace and I could use different currencies by projects.

I know this comes with the currency exchange rating issue, but it can be a monthly based rating number what I can define for every month.

I use now HUF and EUR, but all currency show as HUF in summary and this can be confusing sometimes.


This is the feature I miss so much in Clockify. I’m using Toggl Track app right now, which is really similar to Clockify. The general purpose is exactly the same, the options are almost identical, the UI is almost the same, but it allows to set custom currency per project (that’s one of just a few differences I found).

I would like to switch from Toggl Track to Clockify. While Toggl Track provides the same functionalities as Clockify (plus the ability to set a custom currency for each project), its web app it’s a big laggy. There are some glitches from time to time. The general user experience of Clockify is much better than what Toggl Track provides.

I contacted Clockify support and found out per-project currencies are planned, but work on this feature not started yet. Looking forward to any news on this topic.