Moving time entries to another workspace

Did something change in the past month with the web client I was previously able to log time in one workspace and then move/assign that time entry to a project in another workspace. The last time I did this was around 6/5/2023, Yesterday when I attempted this I got an error message that the project could not be found and when I reloaded the page the interface options when clicking the Project link next to the time entry changed and I could no longer select other workspace. Was this something that was removed or was the process changed?

To ask another way, is it still possible to work in my own workspace and log time for a project in another workspace, or move that logged time to another workspace at a later date?

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Kindly note that by the current design of the app, it’s not possible to change the workspace of a certain time entry the way it was possible before.

Please note that you still have the option to export the time entries, and import the same timesheets in the other workspace.

Importing feature is available on all our paid plans.

I hope this helps.


Any chance you would bring back this feature? I could really use it in my team.

Hi there,

I have passed along your suggestion to our Product Team and want to assure you that your feedback will be carefully reviewed. While I can’t promise that the feature will be brought back please know that we appreciate the time and effort you put into making the suggestion, and the Product Team will thoroughly review it.