More Customization of Detail Reports

Although we can export reports and make customizations this way, there is a lot of effort involved in doing this when you’re producing reports for hundreds of clients every billing period. Plus those reports are in Excel and don’t look so pretty :slight_smile:

It would be very nice to have what should be a simple change for Clockify™ to make - allow users to hide columns such as the time range, tags, or whatever columns we choose. Also being able to add more columns to the detail report would potentially be nice. For me, I LOVE the ability to create a detail report, share it via public link, and have customers be able to access time records - we just don’t want them seeing the time range because there are numerous cases where we have to enter time but don’t know the specific time range…we just know that we spent 30 minutes on a particular day. Also we imported a ton of time records from another system that did not have times, just durations, so on the report it shows a start time that is not even correct because, well, we had to force a start time for the import and we just chose 9:00 AM but that time is just made up so the customer is going to ask us what that is all about. If you can just allow us to HIDE selected columns on that detail report, that would be PERFECT.

Overall, LOVING Clockify™

Thank you!