to Clockify

Hi there,
did any of you have ever managed to create a connection between and Clockify?
I don’t mean on time tracker (this is already working) but rather on the board level.

What I am looking for is:

  • every time I create a new invoice in a board
  • a new expense (with the same information) is created in Clockify

it may be quite tricky, I am wondering if Zapier can help on this.


Hello there,

Regarding your question, I took some time to test out the Zapier, and looks like, Zapier didn’t set up the zap for Expense creation over Clockify.
Zapier is setting up the Zaps and which data is pulled from Clockify so Clockify does not have any option to change or add new zaps.

What I could recommend is checking out API documentation on this link so that might be helpful in this case.


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