Mixed language in browser extension

Browser is Google Chrome 107.0.5304.88. Browser and OS language is Russian.
Images - Mixed language in Clockify - Album on Imgur

I met very strange bug with language in browser extension. When I click on its icon, text is in Russian for a moment (image 1), then everything is in English (image 2 and 3).

I set up an integration with YouTack. For some reason a button to start timer is in Russian (image 4). After I press it, a popup shows to specify details; it is also in Russian (image 5).

I would like to see only English, because (a) its is strange to see “Старт таймер” on a page full of English and (b) provided Russian translation is of bad quality.

Hi @Prometheus3375!

Could you please try clearing the cache and cookies from your browser, and also, install the latest version of the extension, to see if the issue still persists?

As for the language choice, you can set it up from within the web app. You can choose the language in your profile settings.

If the issue persists even after clearing the cache and cookies, would you please be able to contact us at support@clockify.me for further assistance in the matter?


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