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A manager on a project can only see hours in the project status, not revenue. Is it possible for him to see revenue without changing the who can see the bill rates to all in workspace settings?


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In order for project managers to see the amounts, the “Who can see hourly rates and amounts” permission should be set to “Anyone”.

In order to prevent regular users from seeing the rates and amounts, you can set the permission so that “Regular users can see” “Only their own time and expenses”.
Additionally, you can hide the “Team” page from regular users so they can’t see the rates if you’ve set them up there. If you have the rates set up in the projects, you can hide the “Projects” page from regular users as well.

This would make it so the PM can see the hourly rates and amounts, with regular users being able to only see their own time, and not see the “Team” page with the rates (or the “Projects” page if rates are there, and you’ve hidden the page).

I hope this helps!

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