Make Owner / Admin a Team or Project Manager (as well)

The Owner and Admins of Clockify are also Team / Project Managers within our business. At present, it does not seem possible to set them up as such in Clockify so they cannot easily see when people who report to them have submitted timesheets.

This make Clockify very hard to use to manage their own teams for the Owner / Admins. It would really help if the Owner / Admins:

  1. Could be setup as a Team and/or Project Manager with specific people reporting to them.
  2. Had an additional option in the 3 approvals tabs for “My Team” and “All Users”.
  3. Receive notifications when their line reports submit timesheets.

Please could this be reviewed as it would make Clockify a much better experience for the Owner / Admins if they also line-manage staff. Thank you.