MacOS Time Tracking


Do I need to keep the desktop app running to keep tracking my time ?

Is there any way to get Clockify to run in the background and be hidden ?

Hi Greg,

The timer is synched across all Clockify apps. If you close the desktop app the timer will continue running and you can stop it later by opening it again. You can also stop the timer in your browser or on your phone.

Please check if you have set that the Mac desktop app should automatically stop the timer when closed in your settings. Here is more info on this:

Sorry. Here is some more detail.

I started using Clockify because I wanted the automatic timekeeping of when I was actually on my work computer. The automatic timekeeping is awesome, because it’s automatic. Computer locks, timer stops. I unlock computer, timer starts.

For the great automatic timing features, does the desktop application need to be running, or is there a background daemon that continues to stop and start the timer on events ?

If you track time by using the Mac app autotracker feature as well as the auto stop/start feature then you will need to keep the Mac app open and running.

Thank you.

Would be a great feature to add, to allow Clockify on MacOS ( at least :slight_smile: to have the auto racking run as a separate background daemon process.